Godly Women of Alabama is a non-profit ministry founded by Evangelist Christine E.
Jones on   November 3, 2000, a vision given to her by God to bless His daughters of
Zion.  God’s revelation of this vision has created a ministry which inspires, instructs and
equips women from all walks of life to find their purpose in doing the Will of God.

Minister Oleta Moorer, co-founder of Godly Women of Alabama, has served as a faithful
prayer warrior and armor bearer to Minister Chris since the inception of the ministry.
She has shared her gift from God as a tailor by designing prayer cloths and pillows for
God’s daughters of Zion.

Ministers Oleta and Chris are both powerful prayer intercessors who rely on the Holy
Spirit to direct their steps in the Lord. They are dedicated to help bring about change in
the lives of God's people and to continue in the works of building God’s Kingdom until
the second coming of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.


It is our endeavor to edify the body of Christ, to glorify our Father through His son, Jesus
Christ, and to magnify His works through the teaching and preaching of the gospel. We
believe that God will equip the hearts of man to reign in the authority that has been given to
His righteous people. We are committed to the Lord's service until all mankind come
together in the unity of faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Ephesians 4:11-13

•        To win souls for Christ
•        To gain a spirit of oneness in faith and in the ministries of Christ
•        To assist in developing and supporting the various world wide ordained ministries

•        Conduct Praise, Worship, & Prayer Conferences
•        Conduct Parent and Youth Conferences
•        Participate in USA and Third World Countries Ministries
•        Participate and assist other Women Ministries
•        Assist Outreach ministries to reach souls for Christ

Founder & President: Evangelist Chris E. Jones, November 2000
Co-Founder & Vice President: Minister Oleta Moorer
Godly Women of Alabama 2009.  All rights reserved